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I was born in 1954, and grew up in El Paso, Texas, USA.  I have an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from University of  Texas at Austin and a medical degree from University of Texas Medical School at Houston.  In 1983 I finished a residency in internal medicine at the City of Memphis Hospital, board certified in Internal Medicine and a 40-year career 4X certified in Emergency Medicine.  I am now retired here in Nashville, Tennessee, where I live with my wife Cheryl, my daughter Lindsay and a wretched excess of pets.   I'm also an amateur paleontologist with a special interest in conodonts of the Middle Ordovician, and I put together a conodont website to help organize my knowledge of these fascinating tiny fossils. Some of these images have been included in five published textbooks, including Futuyma's Evolution. My other hobbies include astrophotography, writing, software design, photography, music -- and lots of other stuff that is fun to do after everybody else is asleep!  I've included some favorite links below.   Thanks for your visit!

-- Jim Davison, 2020

Some favorite links:

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