3.  Element Clusters
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Studies of small, well mixed shale samples sometime seem to show clusters of elements.  Such clusters could be created by:

Some elements found in the same cluster show similar sizes and wear patters that suggest they might be from the same organism.  To study the distribution of conodonts small samples of varying sizes were studied and the conodonts counted, and the yield in conodonts/gram was determined.  Conodont clusters will appear in the data as repeated peaks on the yield curve, and as a change in variability based on sample size in the scatter diagram.  At this time, these data appear to be indeterminate.

A  typical cluster of conodonts from a sample containing similar elements:

Sample C37BD
C37AZ50 -- -- C37AZ51
C37AZ53 --  -- C37AZ54
C37AZ55 --  -- C37AZ52
Comment:  Total of 8 conodonts recovered from sample -- including 6 pictured above.  Not shown: a 6-denticulated rastrate element (48) , and a second crushing nub-like elements(49) .  Elements 50, 51 and 52 were almost touching one another.  Unfortunately, specimens C37AZ49 and 53 were lost during photography sessions.. 

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